Hair Smoothing & Renew System

Keratin Treatment HalifaxWhat is it?

Keratin Revolution is a revolutionary hair smoothing and renew system. It is 100% free of formaldehyde, aldehydes and other harsh chemicals. Unlike many other Keratin treatments it conforms to all EEC directives and is supported by the relevant certification

How Does It Work?

The treatment works by deploying conditioning agents, comprising of acetic acids, mixed with silk amino acids, collagen and Keratin.
The process consolidates the natural Keratin in the hair, bonding to new Keratin, repairing and strengthening the fibrous structure.  The treatment then forms a protective shield around the cuticle, generating softness, vitality and long lasting supple effects.  Works to smooth and transform each individual hair strand, resulting in all clients experiencing smooth, shiny, radiant hair.  The treatment lasts for 2-4 months and employs progressive enhancement technology until the next treatment.  Keratin Revolution reduces daily styling time by 50-75% and increases the longevity of the blow dry. The treatment leaves hair more manageable and 100% frizz free.

Home Care

Blow dry hair or ironing at 180oC in the morning for the first 2/3 days will prolong the life of the treatment.  Do not wash the hair for the first 72 hours (3 days).

I have always had frizzy hair and must have spent hundreds of pounds on products to tame it – all to no avail. Then Garry suggested the Keratin Revolution treatment and I could not believe the results! My hair was smooth and totally frizz free for 4 months. Not only did it look so much better and was easier to manage but gave me much more confidence as I wasn’t having to stress about how my hair would look by the end of the day.