6 Common Hair Questions

6 Questions We Get Asked About Hair At Anthony James Hair Salon In Halifax

Here at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax our stylists love helping you with your hair. We create beautiful haircuts and styles and can transform your look with a fabulous new hair colour.  We will always be open and honest with you and will always recommend the right services and treatments for your hair.  We know you want gorgeous healthy hair which is why we've put together these 6 Q&As to answer the most common hair care questions.  So here we go with the first question...

1. Is Your Hair Shinier When You Rinse It In Cold Water? 

There isn't a better way than using products that nourish and puts moisture into your hair to keep it shiny if your hair needs it. However, a  lukewarm rinse closes the cuticles down(the outer protection of the hair) therefore helps makes your hair feel smoother.

2. Which Is Better For My Hair?  A Hair Oil Or Hair Serum? 

Of the 6 questions, we get asked about hair this is the one that people are most confused about. There is a difference; one is to nourish your hair; the other is to smooth it. Depending on what your hair needs, oils penetrate your hair, therefore giving it nourishment whereas serums are more cosmetic and are for taming and smoothing your hair. These are where it can get confusing because some manufactures call their serums oils like Olaplex No7. These are dry oils and for soothing your hair.  Above all, be sure you know what you want it for, there are plenty to choose from, however, make sure you buy a quality one.

3. What Are The Most Common Hair Colouring Mistakes?

If you don't understand the science of hair colour then you can easily make mistakes. A dark blonde to a professional is a mousy brown to a client; therefore, when they put a home colour on it is often too dark.  We see people putting red shades over a dark colour when it is growing out, and they end up with bright red roots and dark hair on the mid-lengths and ends. One of the most common mistakes people do when putting a home colour on to completely change their colour. They might want to go from dark to blonde or blonde to dark. It's like painting - you need to add an undertone before the darker shade goes on.

4. How Can I Protect My Hair During The Summer?

Most of us like to be in the sun. We use sunscreens for our body but forget to do the same for our hair. UVA and UVB rays cause damage to your hair, breaking down the keratin ( the main body of your hair) and making your colour fade. When you are in the sun, you can use leave-in -conditioning sprays. You can continue spraying it in while you are sunbathing, therefore, protecting your hair all day. In addition to shampooing and conditioning put a hair treatment on, in other words, we need to keep hydrated, and so does your hair.

5.  Is It Essential To Have A Healthy Scalp?

Think of your scalp like a garden. The better you look after the soil; the better the plants will be. Many things can cause problem scalps. Using an incorrect product can make your scalp too dry or greasy. The climate plays a big part in the health of your scalp. The sun, heating at home/work, surgery, medication, imbalanced hormones and an improper diet can cause scalps problems. Some are beyond your control, but one or two you have a significant say in, for instance, eating the right foods and making sure you put the suitable products on for your hair type.

6. What's The One Thing I Can Do To Have Healthy Hair? 

With all the punishment that hair can go through, it can have different needs. For instance, you may need to mix your products. Some people have natural roots, but dry or damaged ends. So we would recommend talking to your stylist about the correct product for your hair. Above all, It will save you in the long run from buying products that aren't suitable for your hairs needs. Olaplex has a great system that will keep your hair in optimum condition.