Olaplex For Damaged Hair

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Olaplex is one of the must-have products ever in hairdressing. It allows the hairdresser to do much more with chemical services (colours, lightening and perms). With its patented science it is one of the most revolutionary hairdressing products in the 21st century. It keeps natural hair beautiful and repairs damaged hair and help the hair to stay in good condition while having your colour or perm.

The hair gets its structure, strength, and stability from millions of disulphide bonds. Healthy, shiny, beautiful hair needs all the bonds to be aligned and intact. Anything other than that will cause damage to your hair. Chemicals can cause damage, so do mechanicals such as styling irons, blow dryers and heated rollers. The environment can play a part with all the pollution UV rays (sun) and extreme, whether hot/cold.

When the disulphide bonds break, they react in one of two ways — the first way is a single sulphur hydrogen component pairs with a single oxygen molecule which is ok.  The second way is a single hydrogen molecule pairs with three oxygen molecules which then create SO3. This protonated sulphate is Cysteic Acid which eats the protein out of the hair.

How Does Olaplex Work?  When it comes to having a chemical service, Olaplex comes into its own by pairing the single sulphur hydrogen bond faster than the three oxygen molecules can.

Who Can Have An Olaplex Treatment?  All hair types can benefit from an Olaplex treatment. Your hair gets damaged daily, so it does not matter whether you have a colour, perm or it is natural Olaplex keeps it in good condition as well as repairing it.

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Olaplex Services At Anthony James Hairdressers In Halifax

Virgin Hair (Stand Alone Treatment):  Virgin hair is pure natural hair. Olaplex will keep your hair in its optimum condition, helping repair any environmental or thermal damage. It strengthens your hair.

Coloured Hair: Olaplex is mixed into colours and lighteners to lessen the impact on your hair. It also can be used on colour treated hair to maintain the colour.

Curly Hair: Curly hair lacks moisture, Olaplex infuses moisture and improves the hair's ability to retain it. It helps the curls to regain their shape.

Straight Hair:Olaplex strengthens straight hair. It improves the manageability and gives it shine. When it comes to using thermal styling tools, your hair will not be compromised if you have a treatment before it.

Perms, Relaxers, Thermal Straightening/Reconditioning:  The integrity of the hair is maintained before, during and after al the services. The hair stays in better condition and will last longer. You can have a colour service after any texture service when you use them correctly in Olaplex.

Hair Extensions:  You can use Olaplex on 100% human hair extensions. Sometimes you can have a problem with some Keratin coated extensions because they can have a barrier to the Olaplex treatment. With glued or tape-in extensions, we recommend keeping Olaplex off that area to avoid possible loosening the bonds.

Olaplex is a very versatile treatment. With seven products in the range, you can have the beautiful, healthy hair you have always wanted for £26 a treatment.