Shampoos & Conditioners

7 Questions We Are Asked About Shampoos & Conditioners At Anthony James Hairdressers, Halifax

We have put together 7 questions we get asked about shampoo and conditioners. Hopefully, they may answer some of the questions you may have.

1. Should I spend a bit more money on shampoo and conditioner?

Yes. We know that people think their hairdressers are just trying to sell them the brands they use. However, there is a massive difference in the quality of ingredients that go into professional products vs high street hair brands. For instance, silicon's found in shampoos and conditioners come in different forms, the cheaper they are, the more they stick to your hair. Your hair can look glossy, but the silicones are wrapped around it.

2. Is silicon bad for your hair?

In some cases in the salon, we have had to scrape the silicon off the client's hair so we could colour it. You don't get that from professional brands. You may pay less for your shampoo and conditioner from the high street, but you have to weigh up the difference in value. Because the ingredients in professional brands are better than the high street ones and are thicker in their consistency, you don't have to use as much on your hair, in other words saving you money in the long run. Some professional shampoos can leave your hair feeling rough when you shampoo it but don't worry; it is your hair in its raw state. The conditioners job is to makes it feel softer and smoother. You should always use the right products to suit your hair type. In conclusion, your stylist should advise you on that.

3. If you have colour on your hair, should you use a colour-safe shampoo?

In the 7 questions, we get asked about shampoo and conditioners is, is whether you should use a colour safe shampoos and conditioners. Yes, in the answer, they are specially formulated to keep your colour longer.

For people that have highlighted hair, you could get shampoos and conditioner to keep highlights fresh. There are blonde/highlights to stop your highlights from going brassy and Silver to keep cool highlights looking cool.

4. Is it a myth to shampoo your hair twice?

It's not just a marketing ploy to get you to use more shampoo. You should give your hair two shampoos because the first one gets rid of the dirt, grease and pollution. The second one is to let the product do its job, whether it is for moisture, smoothing, keeping colour in a giving your hair volume. Only use a little each time you shampoo it and don't worry if it doesn't lather the first time. If its excellent quality, you don't need to use a lot.

5. What's the most prominent mistake people make when shampooing their hair?

The fifth of the 7 questions we get asked is about the mistakes people make when shampooing their hair. Many people don't wet their hair correctly before putting the shampoo on. The water helps the shampoo spread throughout your hair. Don't use too much shampoo, in the commercials you see them using loads of the product, so you think you have to, but you don't. In other words, you only need to use around a 10p piece depending on the length of your hair concentrating to put it on the roots before you move to mid-lengths and ends.

6. How much conditioner should I use?

So many people go wrong with a conditioner. How much they put on and where they place it on their hair. It is essential to use a conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. Too many people buy one and wonder why their hair gets weighed down or goes greasy. The answer, wrong conditioner.

Unless your hair a thick/dry or frizzy don't put it on the roots first, sometimes your roots are ok and don't need it. Spread it through mid-lengths and ends.

When applying the conditioner, first squeeze your hair to get the water out because any excess water will dilute the conditioner. Whilst the conditioner is on, comb your hair through with a Tangle Teezer, because it makes it easier than after you have rinsed the conditioner off.

Then gently rinse the conditioner out thoroughly.  It worth taking a little bit longer to rinse the conditioner out to make sure it is all out.

 7. Is dry shampoo bad for the hair?

It is a godsend if you go to festivals or your scalp is a bit greasy, also if you want a bit of volume, put some on before you go to bed however don't overuse it. It's a bit like blotting paper soaking up oils, for instance, because it sits on the scalp it can block your hair follicles leading to scalp problems. In other words, be careful - don't overuse it.