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Expert Hair Cutting & Styling At Anthony James Hair Salon In Halifax

Anthony James has been at the vanguard of modern hairdressing in Halifax since 2001.  We have a highly skilled and experienced team of stylists who can create just about any look from classic bobs, lobs and pixie crops to on-trend layered hairstyles and geometric haircuts.

As well as creating beautiful hairstyles designed to suit and flatter you, we also strive to deliver five-star customer service and have created a unique set of Customer Promises which centre around your satisfaction…

The Anthony James Hair Salon Promise 


During your one to one consultation with your stylist you can discuss the hairstyle you desire and any hair frustrations you may have. Your experienced stylist will also be delighted to suggest some looks that will suit you.

Hair Care

We will work with you and explain the very best professional products that we use in our hair salon to improve the quality of your hair alongside suggesting exceptional products for you to use at home.


We want you to look and feel fantastic when you leave our salon which is why we will advise you on the best hairstyles and colours to suit you, giving you friendly, honest advice to help you with your hair.


Your happiness is of the highest priority to us. If for any reason you aren't perfectly happy with your hair style or hair colour, let us know and we will work to ensure that it is put right as soon as possible. No fuss and no extra cost to you.

Hair Colour

Our stylists have continuous training and use the best products. If you have a permanent colour and use our recommended shampoos and conditioners, and the tone does not last at least 21 days, we promise to put it right.

The Hair Colour Experts Near Me




Short & Chic Haircuts

Keep your short hair looking fresh with regular precision cutting by the experts at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax. Our expertly trained stylists can deliver versatile short hairstyles that show off your features and can show you how to style it from day to night!

Are you looking for a dramatic new shorter hairstyle? Our team can advise you on the best hairstyles to suit you and your lifestyle. Popular short hairstyles can include short, blunt bobs or super chic pixie crops. If you're feeling bold and want to make a statement, why not opt for a high fashion asymmetrical hairstyle - short one side, longer on the other!   Call our Halifax hair salon on 01422 747001 to book your appointment or you can book online.

Bobs & Lobs - Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles are ideal for women who desire a flattering and versatile haircut, such as a longer bob "Lob" hairstyle. The Lob hairstyle is worn slightly above your collarbone and is one of the most flattering hairstyles for all women. A shorter, blunt bob can be worn around the chin with variations in the style including layers, graduated bobs or even the classic one-length bob.

Medium length hairstyles are ideal for women on the go, they can be worn styled for a boardroom meeting and put into a ponytail for your spin class. For a sensational evening look, your bob can be styled into waves, slicked back in a high fashion style or accessorised for a fun party style. 

Hairstyles For Longer Hair

If your long hair is looking limp, lacklustre and lifeless, consider asking your Anthony James stylist to add in some shape using layers. Layers will take weight out of your hair, creating movement and interest to your style. Fringes are also an easy way to make a serious impact with your hairstyle and can be used to make a statement about your personality, highlight gorgeous cheekbones or to hide a long forehead. 

Which Hairstyle Would Suit Me Best?

This list of high-profile celebrities who have transformed their careers simply by changing their hairstyle is pretty impressive, think Victoria Beckham's "Posh Bob", Twiggy's elfin hairstyle and Miley Cyrus' short punk hairstyle!

The reasons for wanting a dramatic hair transformation vary from being stuck in a style rut, to starting a new career or even after a break up! Whatever your reason for your hairstyle change, the team at Anthony James Hair Salon will give you honest advice about which hairstyles, styles and hair colours will suit you. 

Of course, you do not need to have a complete restyle at our Halifax hair salon. We also offer trims, tidy-ups and can add in some well-placed layers to maintain your hairstyle.

How Do I Grow Out My Hairstyle?

We often hear guests complaining that their hair is at that 'in-between' stage - somewhere between short and long - and that it simply will not behave!  Never fear, your Anthony James hair specialists are here!

If you are growing your hair and it's reached that mid-length stage, your best option is to have it cut. We know that this sounds a bit odd, but what we mean is that you should have your hairstyle shaped into a hairstyle for medium-length hair.

This might mean adding in some layers to thin out your hair, or tidying up the lengths to get rid of split ends that are actually stopping your hair from growing healthily.  

Who knows, you might even decide to keep your new hairstyle!

Hair Loss In Women 

Hair loss or thinning hair can be a cause of heartache for many women. Whether the loss of your hair is due to medical treatment, a condition such as alopecia or environmental stress factors, the hair loss experts at Anthony James Hair Salon are here to help you. Our hair loss experts will work with you to find a style that can help to disguise or improve your hair loss concerns, find out more about the causes of hair loss and how we can help you here

If you are concerned about thinning hair or hair loss, please speak to your GP or trichologist and book in for a consultation with the hair loss specialists at our Halifax hair salon. We have developed systems that can help disguise hair loss in our hair loss clinic

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