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Men's Hair Styling & Colouring At Anthony James Hairdressers, Halifax 

Calling all gents out there!  If you're looking for an on-trend or classic hairstyle, look no further than our Halifax hair salon. As well as offering some great hairstyles and colours for men, we can also help with any thinning hair or hair loss issues you may be experiencing. 

In recent years, we've also seen a massive increase in men interested in colouring their hair with hair colour options including blending away the grey, adding some subtle highlights or going for a full-on bold hair colour transformation.

You will receive a warm welcome when you visit out our unisex hair salon in Halifax and we will always take the time to discuss your hair goals, hairstyle ideas and generally give you helpful advice so you can look your best.  Book an appointment by calling us on  01422 747001 or 747002 or book online.  

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Modern Hairstyles For Men

Fades and disconnected hairstyles are incredibly popular .. and while this is a modern hairstyle for men, these looks has been around for decades.  The fade originated in the US military in the 1940s, giving way to the popular phrase 'short back and sides'.  As the name implies, a fade is where the hairstyle is longer on top and fades as it gets to the nape of the neck, with a skin fade actually shaving down to the skin. The term disconnect is where  you can see a definite 'disconnect' between the sides and the hair on top.  Very often the hair is worn in a quiff, wavy, texturised or even in a taller 'pompadour'.

Classic Gents' Hairstyles

For a more classic men's hairstyle, keep your hair a little longer around the neck area.  Your stylist will use scissors rather than clippers to cut your hair into a neat, short hairstyle.  You can always change the style up for special occasions or nights out by adding a little texturising gel, wax or pomade. Talk to your stylist about the best way to style your hair.

Hair Loss Treatments For Men In West Yorkshire

Men and women struggling with thinning hair and hair loss are increasingly turning to Scalp Micropigmentation at our Halifax hair salon.  This is a non-surgical safe bespoke treatment to help disguise various forms of hair loss including natural hair loss, alopecia, scarring and receding hairlines. It works through a process of depositing tiny dots of pigment into the outer layer of the scalp to disguises patches. It is carried out over three sessions to build up the density. Your first session is a consultation followed by building the foundation layer. A fortnight later your next course brings in the depth and colour. The procedure can take from 1 to 5 hours, depending on your specific needs. Find out more about hair loss treatments in Halifax here.

Men’s Hair Appointments At Top Hairdressers In Halifax

Book your men's hair appointment at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax by booking online or calling 01422 747001 / 747002.