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The Latest Hair Colour Techniques At Anthony James Hair Salon In Halifax

At Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax, our hair colour specialists work hard to make sure we always ahead of the game when it comes to the latest hair colour techniques and trends. The most popular hair colour services with our clients are balayage and ombre techniques. These buzz words have been big news, but do you really know what they are?

Below, the Anthony James hair colour experts in Halifax answer the most common questions about balayage and ombre …

Please note: We will also ask you to come in for a quick skin allergy test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment to ensure you will not suffer any adverse reactions to the colours involved. 

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What is Balayage?

The term balayage comes from the French word "balayer," meaning to sweep. Balayage is a term that refers to the way the hair colour is applied, not the colour itself. The perfect balayage takes a great deal of training, skill and a creative eye - something that the hair colour specialists at Anthony James Hair Salon have in abundance. 

Our balayage experts will create a bespoke, natural-looking hair colour that appears sunkissed and effortless with the hair colour soft at the roots and lightening gradually toward the ends. The balayage method is popular amongst many women as it is low maintenance, meaning fewer visits to the salon for a hair colour service, saving you time and money.  Plus, it can look sensational with all hair colours including bright fashion shades and pastel colours.

Is Balayage The Same As Ombré Hair Colour?

The two hair colour techniques are often confused and can produce similar-looking results. Ombré hair colouring produces a clearly contrasting colour between the roots of your hair to the tips. Balayage is a more subtle and multi-dimensional hair colour method, with a few sections added through the roots. 

Ombré can be used to create a more bold look, this hair colour method looks fantastic with fashion hair colours and can even be reversed so that your roots are much lighter with dark ends. There is a wide range of balayage techniques that we can use depending on the look that you desire, including babylights, root melt, root stretch, colour melt or free-hand highlights. 

What Is The Difference Between Balayage & Highlights? 

Traditional highlights are created by sectioning pieces of hair and wrapping in foil from root to tip, resulting in brighter, noticeable lines of colour. Wrapping hair in foil allows the colour to develop more quickly, which is why foil is still used during a balayage service. Balayage highlights are applied by hand from mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, whereas the hair is saturated with the same strength of colour from roots to the ends when you have highlights.

Placing colour on the roots means that highlights are a more high maintenance hair colour option, they will need touching up every few weeks as they grow out. As there are only a few highlights placed through your hair with a balayage service, the root regrowth is less noticeable, meaning fewer visits to the salon for a refresh. 

If you desire a balanced, blended and softer look then balayage is likely to be the best choice for you however for the more intensely lightened look, you should ask your Anthony James colour expert for highlights. 

Balayage For Blondes

Balayage can be created on any hair colour base but the most popular has to be blonde balayage at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax. This is the most requested balayage colour around because it gives a natural-looking sun-kissed hair colour that looks effortlessly stunning.

Our balayage specialists in Halifax may use two or three different blonde shades to create your beautiful dimensional blonde balayage. We will suggest blonde shades that work with your base hair colour, skin tone and eye colour because we know you'll want a balayage that really makes your features pop!

So, which blonde hair colours can we create here at Anthony James? We have a dazzling array of blonde hair colours including creamy blondes, caramel blondes, platinum blondes and strawberry blondes! 

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Brunette Balayage

Is your dark hair feeling a little flat? If your brunette hair colour needs a little lift, we can create the beautiful sun-kissed hair colour you've been hankering after. 

Our hair colour experts at Anthony James can lift your hair colour by scattering some bespoke balayage highlights throughout your hair. Brunettes look fabulous with red or caramel and honey blonde hair colours which can be added to sections where your hair catches the light to show off your beautiful new balayage. You can even add fashion hair colours to your brunette balayage!

With balayage, you will hardly notice any regrowth line when your hair grows, making balayage the most low-maintenance hair colour technique. 

Face Framing Balayage

Not sure whether you are ready to go for a complete balayage look? Why not ask your Anthony James hair colourist about face-framing highlights?

Whether you decide to go all retro with chunky face-framing highlights a la Ginger Spice in the 90s, or you are looking for more subtle blonde face-framing highlights, we think that this is one hair colour trend that is here to stay. Even better, you can choose just about any colour under the rainbow, we can create brightening face-framing highlights in all colours and on all hair bases.

The right hairstyle and hair colour service can help to contour your face!  Adding lighter colours can add width to a narrow face, and adding darker shades can give the impression of a slimmer face. 


How Long Will My Balayage Appointment Take?

The length of your balayage appointment will depend upon how much hair you have and how much hair colour we are adding throughout your hair. Book in for a consultation at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax, where our colour specialists will be able to discuss the hair colour look you desire and assess the colour and condition of your hair. 

Please note: If your hair has previously been damaged, such as from over-processing or sun damage, your appointment will take longer as we will need to improve the condition of your hair so that it is prepared for the hair colouring process. During your consultation, we will advise on the methods that we can use to repair your hair during the lightening process. 

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