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Visit The Hair Extension Experts In Halifax At Anthony James Hair Salon 

At Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax, West Yorkshire, we use 100% Great Lengths human hair extensions to give you the hairstyle you've been dreaming of.

Great Lengths hair extensions are a fantastic way of adding length, volume and colour to your hair. They are available in over 55 colours, including blondes, brunettes, red hair shades, pretty pastels and bright jewel shades. With a range of lengths, colours and textures available, we can seamlessly blend your extensions with your own hair, perfectly matching your hair colour.  If you're feeling adventurous, consider adding in a bold fashion colour using hair extensions!

With care, your pre-bonded extensions should last between 4-6 months, after which they can be easily removed with zero damage to your own hair. Book in for a no-obligation, hair extensions consultation with one of our experts so we can start your hair transformation today.

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Longer, Thicker Hair With Hair Extensions

Longer, thicker and fuller looking hair can now be yours! Suitable for all hair densities, hair extensions are a fantastic way for men and women to transform short, fine or thinning hair.  Depending on the look you want to achieve, our experts can match your hair extensions to your natural hair colour and texture. Great Lengths hair extensions come in a wide range of different textures, from a straight and natural style to a gentle wave or deep curl. Your first step, of course, is to book in for a consultation with our hair extension specialists so that we can discuss your particular needs and the look you desire.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions In Halifax

We are proud to be among a select few Great Lengths hair extensions stockists in West Yorkshire. Not only are Great Lengths extensions ethically sourced from India, but the revenue from the hair is directed back to the community in which the hair originated.  We also love Great Lengths because they are 100% human hair extensions which behave just as your own hair would... even down to being styled by heated tongs, wands and straighteners. 

How Do I Care For My Hair Extensions?

Your extensions should last up to three months if you look after them well. Below, our hair extension experts explain how to care for your new hair extensions to ensure that they look fabulous between salon visits. 

Shampooing Your Extensions:  Thoroughly detangle your hair before shampooing and wash in the shower rather than over the bath. if possible, so that the water flows in the same direction as your hair grows. Use a sulphate=free shampoo and gently stroke your hair to avoid disturbing the bonds. Do not scrub your hair or scalp. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water out before conditioning. 

Conditioning Your Hair Extensions:  Do not use conditioner on your scalp as it can make the bonds slip. Instead, start from the mid-lengths and stroke towards the ends of your hair. Leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse for the same length of time. 

Brushing Your Hair Extensions:  It is essential to brush through your hair extensions every night and morning to reduce tangling. Be gentle - dold your hair near the roots, so you don't put any strain on the bonds. Your Anthony James hair extensions expert can recommend the best tools to use. 

Blow Drying Your Hair Extensions: Gently comb through your hair with heat protection products and blow dry gently without pulling on your roots and bonds. Use a natural oil-based product like a serum on your extensions to finish off, and remember to never go to bed with damp hair. 

Caring For Your Hair Extensions On Holiday: Chlorine in swimming pools and the minerals in seawater can play havoc with your hair extensions, causing them to become brittle and even discoloured. Visit our hair salon in Halifax before your holiday so we can recommend the right products for your hair, and book in for a check-up with us on your return so we can assess and repair any damage. 

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If you’re looking to experiment with a glamourous new hairstyle or hair colour using hair extensions, please get in touch with our experts by calling us on 01422 747001 or book online.