Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction At The Top Hair Salon In Halifax

Has your home hair colour turned into a hair horror? If you've been tempted to dye your hair at home and it has gone terribly wrong, do not despair.  The colour experts at Anthony James Hairdressers in Halifax have the training, experience and skill to correct your hair colour issue.

Your first step is to book in for a hair colour correction consultation as soon as possible. Please do not be tempted to add another colour on top of the problem hair colour as this will make it worse.  Our hair colourists will analyse your hair colour and condition to assess the tones and shades required to restore health to your hair, along with sensational hair colour. 

Depending on the extent of your hair colour issue, we may recommend an intense hair repair treatment or more than one visit so we can get the colour and condition of your hair at it's best.

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Repairing Damaged Hair 

Box dye isn't the only way in which your hair colour can become compromised.  Hair that has been over-processed - perhaps from too much bleaching - or hair that has become dry and brittle due to sun exposure, will need some TLC to get it back to health again. We can help to restore lost moisture into the hair by treating it with the latest specially formulated products.  The health of your hair is of utmost importance to us and we will never recommend a treatment or colouring process that is likely to compromise your hair. 

Fixing Hair Shade Problems

Blonde highlights that have become yellow, brassy or unsightly bands of overlapping hair colour are more common that you may think, but it doesn't mean you should put up with them! Our expert hair colour technicians have the hair colour skills and experience to correct your hair shade problems, giving you back superb hair colour results.

If your hair colour is too dark, we can add in highlights to lift the colour and warm your complexion. If your hair colour is too light, we can balance it with warmer lowlights. Our colour technicians will discuss your desired look at your colour consultation and create a realistic plan to deliver the hair colour that you deserve.  

Complete Hair Colour Changes 

A complete hair colour change is not as simple as applying one new shade over your hair. Your hair may have been lightened by the sun or have a build-up of colourant, which will mean dealing with each strand of your hair individually using different techniques, tones and colours on each section of hair. One of the most popular hair colour changes is to go from a dark hair colour to blonde. We can help you with your hair goals but first, please book in for a colour consultation so we can assess your hair and discuss the process, techniques, timings and up-keep involved to ensure you get the best hair colour results.  

Box Dye vs Professional Hair Colour

What's the difference between box dye from your local chemist and a professional hair colour? Well, we're glad you asked!

With a box dye, you risk ending up with a one-dimensional hair colour that looks a bit flat and lifeless, with no idea as to how it will look when your roots grow through!

When you book into our Halifax hair salon, you are putting your hair into the hands of experts who are specially trained to understand the science behind hair colour. We can assess the right hair colours for your skin tone to ensure your new shade lights up your face.  

If your hair has been previously coloured, there is also an art to blending your root regrowth for a seamless hair colour finish. 

Colour Correction Appointments At Anthony James Hairdressers In Halifax

If you've had a hair colour shock, don't panic! Call Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax on 01422 747001 to book your hair colour correction appointment and let the experts colour your hair back to perfection.