From Dark Hair To Blonde

We see photos of celebrities one time they are dark the next they are blonde, but what we don't realise is how old the images are, or they could be wearing an expensive wig. Either way, it is something people think can be done quickly. It is not the case. There is a lot of things you have to take into consideration before you think of having it done. Our advice when going from dark hair dye to blonde is before attempting anything yourself, seek help from a professional hairdresser. We've had to deal with some disastrous home colour.

The things you have to take into consideration are:

  • Is it a home colour or a professional one
  • What level it is (how dark is the colour)
  • How light do you want to go
  • The amount of times it's has been put on mid-lengths and ends
  • How many different colours are under it
  • What condition is your hair in
  • What is your budget

Home Dye V Professional Hair Colouring

Firstly have you got a home colour on or did you have it done at the hairdressers? There is a difference between home colours and professional ones. Some box dyes stain the hair; therefore, it sits on the outside of the hair and stains it, and some have got chain molecules, so the colour remembers what it is and can revert to the tone it was before.

What is your desired level of lightness? Depending on how dark your hair is and how light you want to go will determine what process you will go through. Colour removers only take the shade up two levels so maybe don't bother with them. Lightening powder (Bleach) is the only way to lift it, but we don't recommend you have it put on from roots to ends unless your hair is all one colour and in good condition. Your hair could go patchy and would be harder to tone afterwards. If that is the root, you want to go down, make sure you have a bond repairer like Olaplex which will keep your hair in better condition.

Brown Hair To Blonde Hair Colour at The Top Hair Salon in Halifax - Anthony James Hairdressers

Can We Get An Even Tone Across Your Hair?

Having colour put through mid-lengths and ends every time makes it harder to lift to an even tone throughout your hair. Be honest with the hairdresser because if not both parties will be disappointed in the result.

What Is Your Hair Condition Like?

The condition of your hair is critical if you want it lifting. If it's not in the best of health, then lifting it won't help it at all. The process of getting it lighter breaks down the disulphide bonds and keratin (the structure of the hair)and can cause it to disintegrate. It feels like chewing gum and falls out in pieces. Products like Olalpex helps keep the hair in better condition by building the bonds back up.

How Much Do You Want To Spend On Your Hair Colour?

How much will it cost? That depends on the hairdressers you visit. Don't go cheap. Going from dark to blonde is not a one-hit. It can be once all the above has is taken into consideration, but in our experience, it will take a few goes. We usually recommend that you have it done in stages, generally having highlights put through. It most probably won't go blonde at the first go. It could be orangey, light red or a biscuit colour, but eventually, it will lift to the colour you want and in good condition. Sometimes it is not a sprint but a marathon.

Going from a dark dyed hair to blonde is not that simple. You do need a professional to advise you.  There are many variables in going from dark hair colour to blonde. It could lift quickly, or it could take some time depending on how many colours you have had on before. In some cases, it has taken a year for it to look blond. The method we would do includes Highlights/full head lightener, Toners, Olaplex and Cut & Finish or Blowdry which would be £100+. Then we will give you an honest assessment of what you will need going forward.