Make The Most Of Thin Hair

 Anthony James Hairdressers In Halifax Share Their 4  Steps To Make Fine Or Thinning Hair Look Great

Some people think that having fine/thinning hair with colour will leave flat. Not sure what products to use for the best results. We aim to give you 4 steps on how to make fine/thinning hair with colour look great.

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Step 1


The diameter of thin hair is smaller than medium to thick hair, and it can get greasier quicker. We recommend you wash your hair in a volumizing shampoo. Colour safe volumizing shampoos are the best because in addition to giving you volume it will keep your colour in longer. You could use dry shampoo, however, don't overuse it, too much use can dry your scalp.

Step 2


People think that using a conditioner on for fine hair ill make it limp and weigh it down.

That's because a lot of people get the wrong one. Conditioners made especially for fine hair are lightweight, and won't weigh your hair down and above all help give your hair more body.

Step 3


Volumizing products come in an array of different types. The reasons there are so many different consistency's is because people have different preferences. Some people like Sprays, some lotions, and others root lifters or texturizers. They all help to give your hair the extra body it needs so it depends on which you like and which one is right for your hair. When blow-drying your hair depending on the length, you will need a round bristle brush.

There are different sizes for different lengths, the longer your hair, the larger the brush. Also, blow-drying your hair upside down or move it away from where it falls will give your hair that extra body you want.

Step 4


Keeping your hair in good condition is essential. Finer hair is weaker than medium/think hair and can't take as much abuse which can lead to split ends. We advise getting your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Light layers or more blunt cuts look better and will give your hair a fuller look opposed to a razor cut or chipping into.

More Tips

Washing your hair in lukewarm water will help to keep the colour longer.

Dry shampoo is better on at night rather than the morning. Also, this can give you more texture by tossing and turning during the night.

How to make your fine/thinning hair with colour looking great is not that hard. Hopefully, if you follow the steps, your hair will look great all the time.