Spring Clean Your Hair Routine!

Is Your Hair Care Routine Stuck In A Rut? Help is at Hand From Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax

You may be a fan of Mrs Hinch or the Marie Kondo method, but how good are you at giving your self care routine a spring clean?

To keep your hair looking and feeling great, it is important to refresh your hair care routine regularly. At our Halifax hair salon we've got all the home hair care advice you need to ensure your routine works well. Follow the tips in our article, then book an appointment for a fabulous new hairstyle makeover by calling 01422 747001.

The Best Hair Care Advice




Clear Out Your Old Hair Products

Being completely honest, most of us are guilty of holding onto a bunch of half used hair and beauty products! It's important to check the expiry dates on your packaging and clear out any that are out of date. 

Out of date hair products can cause scalp irritation, and in some cases can cause burning and itching. Hair products which are out of date also won’t perform as well as they are intended to. It is important to keep an eye on cream or liquid based hair products that are expired, as they can become lumpy or too runny and deteriorate. Hair sprays and other hair products in metallic containers are less likely to expire quickly or become contaminated. 

Once opened, the lifespan of haircare products is about 12 to 18 months or sometimes 24 months, although this can depend upon the brand. If you have anything unwanted that is still sealed, your local charity shop may be happy to receive it.

Now that you've got space, it's the perfect opportunity to restock with fresh supplies of your favourite hair care products, or find an entirely new range. If you need professional advice or inspiration, pop into our Halifax salon and we'll be happy to help you.

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Clean Your Hairbrushes

We all know that dirty make-up brushes can harbour bacteria and cause havoc with our skin, but many people don't apply the same logic to their hairbrushes. Clumps of hair, dead skin cells, hair products and grease can all build up in the bristles of your brush, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. You don't want to be putting all of that dirt back onto your freshly washed hair, so it is essential to clean your hairbrushes regularly

We recommend removing clumps of hair every week followed by using a deep cleaning shampoo on your hairbrush. If you use a wooden or paddle brush, you should check the manufacturers guidelines on cleaning, as water and shampoo can get trapped inside and damage the brush. A quick swish through should be enough to keep it clean though.

Give Your Styling Tools a Spring Clean

If you use your electrical styling tools such as curlers, straighteners or wands on a regular basis, they can suffer from the same build up of products, grease and germs as your hairbrushes. 

To clean your styling tools, first ensure they are unplugged and never, ever submerge them in water. A damp soft cloth or baby wipe should be sufficient to clean the styling plates although you could also use some rubbing alcohol for stubborn grime. Never use a scourer on your styling tools to remove dirt as this will damage the plates. Be sure to dry your styling tool completely before using it. 

Don't forget your hairdryer filter, which can get filled with dust and dirt. This can affect how well, and how safely, your hairdryer operates, so it should be cleaned regularly. Check your manufacturer's instructions first and of course make sure that it is unplugged, then you should be able to twist off the filter on the back or unclip it. Simply wipe with a warm, damp (not wet) cloth to remove the dust, lint and other build up, then dry thoroughly.

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Use The Perfect Hair Products For The Season

We regularly adapt our skin care routine as the seasons change, adding SPF or a heavier moisturiser as necessary, but do you adapt your hair care in the same way?

As the weather brightens up during the warmer months, your hair colour may start to fade in the sun, or become dry and brittle, so you'll need to protect it from the UV rays with an SPF spray. Dry hair would also benefit from a conditioning treatment in our Halifax salon. You may also find that your scalp and hair can become greasy in hot, humid weather so you may need to adjust your home hair care products.

If you aren't sure which seasonal hair care products to choose, speak to your Anthony James stylist and we'll be happy to recommend the best products for you. 

Invest in a New Pillowcase

No matter how soundly you sleep, you spend hours each night with your hair moving on your pillow. The friction against a cotton pillowcase can cause an interesting bed head the next morning that's difficult to style, frizzy and prone to breakage. We'd recommend investing in a silk pillowcase to avoid a frustrating bed head. Dermatologists advise that sleeping on a silky pillowcase to help prevent wrinkles too, so it's definitely worth a try!

If you do not have a silk pillowcase, simply make sure you wash and change your cotton pillowcase regularly to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria build up onto your hair and skin.

Pilowcase Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax

Give Your Hair a Boost From Within

Your products, brushes and the way you treat your hair are all essential for healthy hair, but you can give your hair a boost from the inside. The condition of your hair is a reflection of your overall health and vitality, so it's important to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to keep it at its best. 

By following a healthy, balanced eating plan packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals, you can achieve hair that is shiny, strong and healthy. Foods including omega 3, such as salmon, help to nourish your hair to encourage growth and shine. 


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