5 Steps to The Perfect Blow Dry

5 Steps to The Perfect Blow Dry At Anthony James Hair Salon In Halifax

Treat your hair with the respect that it deserves and learn how to get the most from your blow-dry.  

Step 1 After Washing Your Hair

The prerfect blow dry starts after you have shampooed & conditioned your hair, gently squeeze the excess water out of it, avoiding rubbing it with a towel at all costs, even if you have long thick locks. Refrain from leaving it in the towel for too long because it can get tangled. Use a Tangle Teezer or wide tooth comb to help remove the tangles, never a brush. If you have long hair comb the roots first, then hold your roots to take the strain off them. Let your hair dry for ten minutes before blow-drying. It is the 80/20 rule; you only start styling it when it is 20% dry.

learn how to blow dry your hair at anthony james hair salon in halifax

Step 2 The Right Amount Of Product

Apply the right amount of the correct product from roots through the mid-lengths and ends or just the roots at first for people wanting volume, like above. Put the product on when your hair is 80% dry.

Step 3 Use The Correct Brush

Using the right brush is essential to creating the perfect blow dry. Use a paddle brush for smooth straight hair and a round brush for volume or smoothing the ends. Always dry the hair down the hair shaft from roots to the ends to prevent frizz. Keep the nozzle pointing down the hair shaft.

learn how to blow dry your hair at anthony james hair salon in halifax

Step 4 Reduce Damage

Frequently switch between hot and cold air to reduce the danger of damaging your hair.

Step 5 Finishing

For super smooth ends, let your brush linger for a while at the ends. To get volume on longer hair, let the section cool down before brushing it out. If you are using styling irons, think of your hair like a silk shirt. You want to smooth your hair – not fry it. To keep your curls in longer, let them cool down before brushing them out. Use a suitable heat protector and unless you have got very thick hair, never use the highest heat setting.

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