Define Your Curly Hair

Anthony James Hairdressers In Halifax Show You 6 Ways To Define Your Curls 

Top Tips For Curly Hair at Anthony James Hair Salon HalifaxThese 6 ways to define curls will help anybody who is struggling with their curly hair. Let's face it some people with curly hair wish it was straight. A lot of this is because they don't know how to handle it.  

Looked after properly, you can enjoy beautifully defined curls and waves rather than hair that tangles, is frizzy and unruly.

Curly hair is genetic. It's all about how the hair is formed while in the follicle. Different races have different shapes—oval-shaped in Caucasians, round in Asians and elliptical (an elongated circle) in Afro hair. 

Read on to find out more about how to get the best curly hair in Halifax!


1. Give your hair a drink

The first of the 6 ways how to define your curls is all about giving your hair a drink. Clients that come into the salon say "My curls always look good when my hair is wet." That's because moisture is the first rule for healthy curly hair; it needs to penetrate your hair. If you have ever seen a dry elastic band, it doesn't stretch, well just like the elastic band your hair needs the moisture to help elongate your curls. So add moisture in between shampoos, to keep it hydrated.

2. Use a nourishing pre-treatment 

People in white coats have tested curly hair strands and found that the distribution of keratin is unbalanced to the inside edge of the hair shaft.

Hair oil or a protein-based pre-shampoo treatment will give your hair the TLC it needs.

3. Age, diet and health

Curly or frizzy hair can become very dry because unlike straight hair sebum (your hairs natural oil) cannot travel up the hair shaft. But other things that could play a part is age and diet.

Hair can thin as you get older. Also, medical and lack of nutrition can affect your hair growth and cause it to thin. Thinning hair tapers more and doesn't form together with its neighbours like it once did so the curl will be less defined. 

4. Embrace serums and masques

Dehydration is a significant problem for curly hair. That's why it is essential to invest in hydrating products. Protein-based products like masques, serums and conditioners are the ones you should buy. 

Some people shy away from serums, they have humectant in, and humectants draw moisture in from the atmosphere. Go serums. 

5. For afro hair, add essential oils before you shampoo

Afro hair desperately needs moisture, so waxes aren't the best to put on. Waxes can clog the pores of your hair so that moisture cant penetrate the hair shaft.

Pre- shampoo treatments like hair oils (keeping away from silicone-based ones) will help to hydrate your hair.

6. Drying Your Curls

Drying and correctly using products is essential to keep your curls looking at their best. When drying your hair, it is so easy to over-dry it. Use specially formulated products for curly hair.

The only time you should brush your hair is just before you shampoo it. Once washed and before you put your products on, comb it through with a wide-toothed comb. Apply the product from roots to ends and then if you have time leave it to dry or if not use a diffuser.

Don't scrunch it or touch it and because to define curls hairs need to stick together, and if you keep feeling it, it will separate and look frizzy. Dry it until it is three-quarters dry. 

If you follow the 6 ways to define your curls, you can say "goodbye to dry, frizzy looking hair."