Beat The Winter Hair Blues

7 Tips To Beat The Winter Hair Blues From Anthony James Hairdressers In Halifax

Winter is upon us and the cold weather, central heating and wearing of hats causes havoc with your hair. These are our 7 tips to beat the winter blues for your hair and keep it fighting fit.   If you look after your hair through the winter months it will be in excellent condition for spring-time.

1.Wash your hair in sulphate-free shampoo

From thick curly hair to fine lank hair it is highly recommended to use a Sulphate free shampoo. Also, wash your hair in lukewarm water, especially if you have your hair coloured. Both sulphates and hot water can strip the natural oils from your hair, leaving it looking dull.

2. Condition your hair

In the winter months, your hair needs all the moisture it can get. Therefore, you will need to condition it every time you wash it. Depends on your hair type to which conditioner you should use. If your hair is thick and curly use a moisturizing conditioner or consider a leave-in conditioner. If your hair is fine a light leave-in conditioner can be best.

3.Have a weekly hair treatment

Your hair needs all the moisture it can get in the winter months, so be kind to it. Pamper your hair and treat it to a hair repair treatment at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax.  We also offer treatments for frizzy, curly hair. 

4. Be gentle with your hair

Once you have finished shampooing and conditioning. Be kind to your hair, do not rub it, because it causes it to tangle and split. Pat your hair dry with the towel, then gently comb it through with a wide-tooth comb or Tangle Teezer.

5.Take care when blowdrying your hair

It is essential to dry your hair in winter. To avoid breakage and split ends never leave your hair damp and scrunch it up in a bubble. When you blow-dry your hair, hold your hair dryer at least 10 centimetres away from your hair pointing down the hair shaft. Do not have your hairdryer on a too hot a setting, it will take moisture out of your hair. Use a hair product that is right for your type of hair.

6.Protect your hair when styling

Whether you straighten or curl your hair after blow-drying it, the best way to keep it in shape when styling is to use a good quality heat protecting spray. Spraying it on before you blow-dry will protect your hair from the dryer as well as the styling tools

7.Combat static

Winter usually means wearing hoodies, scarves, hats and, of course, putting on the central heating, which can cause static.  The best way to combat static is to brush your hair with a part plastic, part bristle brush.