Find The Right Hair Colour

Have you ever seen somebody's hair and thought, there's something not quite right with it? Perhaps the hairstyle doesn't suit their face shape, or perhaps it's too long or too short.  It could simply be that the hair colour doesn't suit that person - and, very often, that is because they have not chosen a hair colour to suit their eye colour and skin tone.

Coupled with, your skin tone, your eyes play a significant part in having the correct hair colour that looks perfect on you. We aim to give you the information for you to know how to compliment your hair colour to your eyes.

Before you start thinking of what colour, firstly you must take into consideration your skin tone, checking the colour of your veins in your wrist is one way. If they are blue/purple, you have a cool undertone. Green, you have a warm undertone.  Wear something white in a room with natural light, look in the mirror to see whether your skin looks golden (warm) or rosy cheeks (cool).

Now you are ready to find out which hair colour will not only accentuate your eyes but also compliment your skin tone.  Read on to find out more from the hair colour experts in Halifax.

the best hair colour salon in halifax at Anthony James HairdressersWhich Hair Colour Suits Blue Eyes?

If you have blue eyes and a fair skin tone, look out for the words' cool' or 'ash.' Cool, intense browns, blondes, and blacks also, look good but keep away from red undertones. Subsequently, subtle highlights of honey or wheat will compliment your tones.  When surrounded by ash or platinum blonde, your blue eyes will sparkle. 

Those who have a warm skin tone with honey, gold and beige shades should consider rich golden blonde, dark golden blonde/brown, also, chestnut or auburn hair colours. All these lovely luxurious rich tones are great for your base shade. These colours, together with cinnamon and red highlights, bring more depth to your hair.

If you want to set off your blue eyes and go for a mysterious look may be an exotic look. Flaming reds would be a WOW. Blue eyes with warm skin can take a strawberry blonde.

the best hair colour salon in halifax at Anthony James HairdressersWhat's The Best Hair Colour For Brown Eyes?

Those with a combination of both light brown eyes and light skin tones can select anything between light blonde to medium brown hair colours. Cooler hair colours give the best results. If you want to make your eyes stand out, blonde or light brown highlights on a medium brown colour will not only do it but above all. It will give the illusion of volume.

Light brown eyes with dark to medium skin tones look better with warmer tones, but you can be matched with colours as light as a blonde. However, it most probably would be better to keep to medium brown/ medium blonde if you are thinking of having some tones put through your hair. Three would look fab. Your natural tone, one darker and one lighter, this would bring out the tones of your skin as well as your eyes.

the best hair colour salon in halifax at Anthony James HairdressersLovely Hair Colours For Brown Eyes 

If you have dark brown eyes with light skin we'd suggest you don't go any higher than one to two shades lighter than your natural colour. Consider lowlights instead of highlights.

Dark brown, light brown or anything in between looks good on people with warm skin tones. The good thing about this combination is you can use both cool and warm colours. Cool in the summer when you have a tan, then switch it to warmer colours during winter when your skin tone is probably a little lighter. Consider having your hair highlighted throughout the year.

People with dark brown eyes and dark skin look great with dark brown and black hair colours. If you want to go lighter, add in some medium brown shades, but don't add in too many.  Embrace your natural colouring because it is highly likely that it suits you.


the best hair colour salon in halifax at Anthony James HairdressersExperiment With Hair Colour If You Have Hazel Eyes

People with hazel eyes can experiment with hair colour if they wish.  Hazel eyes have different flecks in them. Some have gold /brown, and some have grey, white or blue.

Take a close look at what colour your flecks are, then you can take it from there. If you have gold/brown, you should stick with warm colours such as brown highlights or red shades (which work particularly well if you have grey and/or brown flecks).

Those with grey, white or blue flecks should look for hair colours that are in the 'cool' section such as light blondes.


the best hair colour salon in halifax at Anthony James HairdressersGreen Eyes Suit Red Hair Colours, Caramels, Browns & Black Shades

Hair colours like bronze and caramels are best for green eyes with olive skin. You can also have fun with plum and burgundy hair colours, browns and even black hair colours. 

People with green eyes and tanned skinned look great with all variations of browns, as well as beige and champagne hair colours. 

Blonde, red, brown and black hair colours go very well with fair skin green-eyed people.  If you want the blonde to emphasise your eyes, then honey-blonde highlights are for you.  Avoid warm shades such as golds, coppers and auburn. They can overemphasise the red tones in the skin.  

Vibrant reds, auburn and strawberry blondes look great on warm skin tones. Cooler olive skins should consider copper highlights,  with red or caramels browns undertones.

the best hair colour salon in halifax at Anthony James HairdressersTry Red Hair Colour If You Have Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are rare and, as this is a neutral shade, you really can get away with any hair colour at all!

Red, dark brown or black hair will all emphasise the beautiful shade of grey eye colour that you have. To stand out from the crowd, aim for a contrast between the colour of your hair and your eyes.

But most importantly of all, if you really want to find a hair colour that suits your eyes, your skin tone and your personal style, make sure you book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with our colour specialists at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax today!