Hair Extensions Tips

How To Look After Your Hair Extensions - Tips From Anthony James Hair Salon In Halifax

Looking after your extensions can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. If you look after your extensions correctly, they can last you quite a while. 

Hair Extensions tips, Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax


If you are unfamiliar with hair extensions, then it's not like washing your natural hair. They require a more personal touch. You need to brush your hair before shampooing to get all the tangles out. Reframe from washing your hair over a bath to prevent them from tangling; the water needs to flow in the same direction your hair grows. 

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo, and stroke your hair do not scrub it and be careful don't disturb the bonds.
  • Rinse thoroughly to get all the shampoo out. Squeeze or pat excess water out before you put the conditioner on.


  • Only put the conditioner on mid-lengths, putting it on the scalp can make the bonds slip.
  • Leave in for a couple of minutes.
  • Conditioner is harder to wash out than shampoo so give it a longer rinse then shampoo, once rinsed, squeeze out excess water.
  • Do not rub it dry. 

Brushing your extensions

To give your extensions a longer life, you must brush them correctly and with the right tools.

  • Besides brushing it before you wash your hair, it is essential to brush your extensions every morning it will stop your roots and bonds tangling and at the same time tame the mid-lengths and ends.

Brushing after shampooing

You need to be patient after you have shampooed your hair. Be careful do not drag your extensions, holding your hair near the roots, so you don't put any strain on the bonds.

Brushing before bed

If you don't brush the tangles out before bedtime, they could tangle even more with your natural movement in bed, and it will take you much longer to brush it in the morning.

Keep a brush with you at all times.

Living in this country means we get bad weather from time to time, that's when a brush will come in very handy.

Blow Drying 

Once you have completed the shampoo & conditioning, patted or squeezed your extensions, and brushed them in the right way its time for blow-drying. 

  • Apply products into your hair gently combing it through. Then blow-dry without pulling too hard on the roots and bonds.
  • If you are straightening always use a heat protection product because the extensions don't get the natural oil from the scalp, use a natural oil-based product like a serum on your extensions to finish off.

Secure your extensions

Before you go to bed, secure your extensions, it helps keep the bonds from being pulled and will stop them from getting tangled, also another tip to prevent tangling, never fall asleep with damp hair.

Extensions on holiday

Be very careful with chlorine in swimming pools it can cause your extensions to be brittle, and minerals in the sea can cause discolouration 

We recommend 4-6 weeks for an in-salon check-up.