Keeping Your Hair Strong

How can you keep your hair strong and healthy with beautiful shine and bounce?  While some things are out of our control, like your genetics, there are ways in which you can give your hair the beautiful lustre you've been dreaming of.

Keratin in your hair

Your hair is made of up of 80-85% keratin. It is essential to keep your hair strong by replenishing the keratin that can be damaged by various things like exposing your hair to heat, using appliances without protection or the environment. Having a proper diet and using protein-enriched product keep your hair strong and in optimal condition. There are a lot of good keratin-infused products out there, but your stylist will help you choose the right one for your hair. The right product will go a long way to making your hair stronger, glossier and smoother.

Free or not free?

The shampoos that you buy from the supermarkets and the high street have cleansing agents that can be harsh for your hair by stripping away your hairs naturals defences. These shampoos give you a lather which makes it feel wonderful; however, they can remove moisture from your hair. Sulphates- free shampoos cleanses your hair more gently to leave your hair feeling softer.

Water lovely water

This one is relatively easy, drink more water. As you know the benefits water as for your body will your hair will thank you for it as well.  Most women buy moisturisers for their face but don't think about putting it in their hair.  The right moisturising treatment will keep your hair in good condition, but once again, your stylist should recommend the right one to suit your hair.

Less heat

It is nice to have a hot shower, but your hair doesn't like it as much as you do. Try washing it in lukewarm water (if you can) it will help to keep your colour in longer which as got to be good news. Always use heat protection before you blow dry it and to make sure put some more on when using styling irons. Try not to have the styling irons on at full heat. Most have temperature gauges for different hair types, so if your hair isn't thick; you don't need to crank up the heat.

Cut out the chemicals

Chemicals in your hair can dry it out, especially bleach. If you feel you need to have colour on your hair, make sure you use colour safe, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners and put a treatment on at least once a week helps to keep your hair strong and fit.

Trimmed or not Trimmed?

People leave it 8-12 weeks before they have their hair trimmed but really if you do all the above then leave it too long between cuts will undo all the excellent work you've put in. We suggest 6-8 weeks is about right.  Doing all the above to keep your hair strong and will keep your hair look fantastic at all times.