Will Red Hair Suit Me?

Red Hair FAQs From The Hair Experts At Anthony James Salon


The arrival of Autumn turns our thoughts towards changing our hair colour, with many people considering more autumnal colours. However, having the correct shade of red or copper can make a big difference between looking red-carpet glamorous or looking totally washed out. In this article, we look at which red hair colour will best suit you... and remember that your stylist will always know which red or copper hair shade would look perfect for you.


Light skin:  Dark shades could wash you out. Therefore, if you want to go down that road, you will have to compensate by wearing more makeup. Orange-reds, soft gingers, strawberry blonde or rose golds, are the shades you should be looking to have.

Medium skin:  If you have medium skin tone go for natural red, copper or auburn. To turn heads, try bright, cheery reds.

Dark skin:  Chestnuts and dark auburn are flattering on dark skin tones, or maybe try violet red-based tones to pack more punch.

Which Red Hair Shade Will Complement My Eye Colour?

Blue eyes:  Rose-beige or crimson tones work well with blue eyes. Golden and Bright orange is to be avoided.

Brown eyes:  To find out whether your eyes are on the cool or dark side of brown.  Take a selfie and see how your eyes shine in natural light that will give you an indicator which way you go with your colour. If your eyes are on the lighter side, think autumn shades, if on the richer side coppers or ambers.

Amber eyes:  Light brown to amber shades or copper red hair colours look great on people with amber eye shades.

Green eyes: If you have green eyes think russet, amber, copper, or chocolate brown hair colours.