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Hair Smoothing Treatments At Top Hair Salon In Halifax, West Yorkshire

Are you fed up of frizzy hair that's hard to manage? What if you could win back control, reduce your styling time and enjoy smoother locks for up to 5 months? At Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax, we use two professional keratin smoothing systems to deliver long-lasting smooth hair results. 

Your hair professional will help you to choose the best hair smoothing service for your hair type and condition. We offer Goldwell Kerasilk which gives your smoother hair for up to six weeks and KeraStraight which creates sleeker locks for up to 16 weeks.

During your complimentary consultation, we can assess your hair, explain the process and the results we can achieve with your hair. Call us on 01422 747001 / 747002 to book.

Keratin Hair Smoothing Services Near Me




Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Smoothing

The Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment uses high-performance KeraShape Technology to give you improved frizz-control with smoother hair for up to six weeks.  

Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is a two-component system which can be customised to suit your existing hair type, texture and the look that you desire. The treatment is formulated with smoothing glyoxylic acid and additional keratin and silk proteins which penetrate deep into the hair, creating new keratin bonds to stabilise your hair into a new smoother shape.

If you already have curly or wavy hair, your hair will retain its curl but will be much smoother and frizz-free, while straight hair will become straighter and smoother. 

goldwell kerasilk hair smoothing treatment in West Yorkshire at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax

KeraStraight Smoothing Treatments At Anthony James Hair Salon, Halifax

Wave goodbye to lifeless, damaged and unruly hair with the incredible KeraStraight hair smoothing treatment at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax. This award-winning keratin treatment simultaneously straightens, repairs and smooths to deliver frizz-free, straighter hair for up to four months.

KeraStraight harnesses proteins such as keratin as well as amino acids which disrupt the hair's natural curl pattern, smoothing, reinforcing and straightening hair in the process.  Our Ultimate KeraStraight Treatment will transform unruly curls into beautifully straight tresses in just one treatment, while simultaneously strengthening and repairing any damage.

KeraStraight hair straightening at top hair smoothing salon in halifax

The Benefits Of KeraStraight Hair Smoothing 

Even the tightest curls can be relaxed and softened with a KeraStraight hair smoothing treatment.  In fact, KeraStraight is perfect for people who find their hair difficult to style, those who have dry, brittle hair, people battling against frizzy hair, and individuals who have been trying to grow their hair.  This because it rebuilds, repairs and strengthens your hair, adding elasticity to aid hair growth and combat hair breakage, while also adding in moisture to stop your hair from going frizzy when the air is humid. 

Book A Hair Smoothing Consultation At Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax

Take back control with a hair smoothing treatment at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax. Book your complimentary consultation online or call us on 01422 747001.  During this consultation we can explain the best treatment for your hair type and condition, discuss what is involved, and give you a no-obligation price.