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Top Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Hair This Summer at Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax

Summer Hair Care Tips Anthony James Halifax

It's that time of year again and the temperatures are rising! Whether you are lucky enough to get away for your summer holidays, or if you are staying in the UK, it's time to start thinking about how you will protect your hair from the summer! At Anthony James Hair Salon in Halifax we can share with you our favourite tips for keeping your hair safe. 

Summer Hair Care Tips In Halifax




Combatting Frizz At Anthony James Hair Salon

The number one question we are asked in the summer is 'How do I stop my hair from being frizzy?'. Your hair becomes frizzy when there is a lack of moisture in your hair, which is why your hair can be more frizzy in the summer! 

One way to combat this is by having a Hair Smoothing Treatment at Anthony James Hair Salon. We offer a range of options when it comes to hair smoothing and our hair smoothing experts can advise which will be the best for your hair type!

Hair smoothing is perfect whether you are going on holiday or just want to keep your hair under control in the summer heat. The treatment lasts on your hair for up to 6 weeks. Your hair will be smooth and sleek in hotter temperatures and more manageable, leaving you to enjoy the summer fun.

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Hair Smoothing For Summer Anthony James Halifax


Repairing Hair Your Hair From Summer Damage

It's so important to make sure that you take care of your hair after you've been enjoying the heat and swimming in the pool or sea. Saltwater and chlorine can make your hair dry and fade your hair colour. A great way of repairing your hair after you've been on holiday is by having a hair treatment in the salon. A hair treatment will repair the hair bonds that may have been damaged from hair colour and heat styling as well as your holiday! Call our salon in Halifax now to book your hair treatment or click here to find out more!

Tips & Tricks To Protect Your Hair On Holiday

Hair smoothing and treatments are the perfect way to make your hair hydrated and manageable, but a great way to protect your hair while you are out and about is to wear a hat where ever you can! There are some fabulous styles out there to try, and your holiday is the perfect time to have fun with your style.

It is essential to use hair products containing UV protection and a heat protecting spray to protect your hair from the summer sun. Cover up your hair if possible when you’re in the sun, or have it tied back, and do not overdo it when using heated styling appliances like styling irons and hairdryers. 

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Prevent Colour Fade in Chlorinated Pools

As well as wearing a hat in the sun, a swim hat is essential in preventing hair colour from fading and stopping chlorine from drying out your hair. There are lots fun, stylish options on the high street to choose from.

Ask your Anthony James stylist for advice on the best hair products to help remove chlorine after a splash in the pool. 

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